Kevin Watt

Bay Area Artist & Sculptor

Artist Statement

  1. My work explores the relationship between the physical and emotional sides of the human context, in varying levels of abstraction. To be alive is to in an emotional tempest, and I capture my unique and profound experience.
  2. Mistakes and randomness interest me most, as they facilitate being loose and organic. By moving fast and concentrating on an emotional feeling, my work takes on a life of it’s own. Rather than avoiding all connections with reality as some abstraction does, the emotional and physical context of a piece lives on within its many layers.
  3. In sculpture, I abstract the essence of the human form to create the organic but recognizable likeness of a face.
  4. In paintings, I use rhythm, movement, and depth to generate active paintings. By formalizing the coincidental, I emphasize the conscious process of composition and the relentless progress of life that begs us to stop and consider it's beauty for a frozen second.

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